What is the advantage and disadvantage of a foreclosure?

Before going to any foreclosure auctions you need to know them clearly what the advantages and disadvantages of a foreclosure are. By going through this page you can come across the pros and cons of foreclosure. So hang on.

If you are buying your foreclosure from an auction you have only 2 advantages. At the foreclosure auction you get, instead of a high bidding, a low starting. But at the bank, negotiations generally start at the full-appraised value and it is you, who exercise pressure on them to reduce the price. The second advantage of being at a Foreclosure Auction is that these mark a less crowed.

However, if you are being foreclosed, no matter from where you have bought the foreclosure, because you are unable to pay your financial responsibilities, then the consequence is definitely bad. It’s definite that you will lose your house with a foreclosure plus if there is any equity that will also be lost in the process. In addition to these losses, your credit will get ruined, and it’s better for you not to plan buying another house immediately. So you must be financially prepared if you go for a foreclosure, and its better if you can make your payments clear on time.

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