Corner Lots – A look on the benefits or plus, disadvantage or loss of buying this type of real estate

Corner Lot House PlansWhen purchasing real estate many people have a choice of choosing a corner lot versus a regular lot. In this decision there are many advantages and disadvantages involved. This is also dependent on the community as well. We examine these benefits and disadvantages of living on a corner lot both if you live in a very crowded community or one off the beaten track.

Advantages of living on a corner lot

  • You normally get a bit more land space when you buy and live on a corner lot
  • You can have two driveways and walkways at your disposal
  • Corner lots in a dead end provide lots of privacy
  • You have more front lawn to beautify and increase property value.
  • Can add a garage and a front yard in specific design.

Disadvantages of living on a corner lot

  • Motorized traffic on two sides of your house reduces privacy and increases noise levels
  • Head lights on all sides of the house
  • Exposed backyard to pedestrian traffic
  • Safety hazard for children to run into the streets.
  • No definition of yard space.
  • Becomes a shortcut from one sidewalk to the next sidewalk.

Despite these clear disadvantages there are many ways to combat these quite easily, the use of clever corner lot house plans can make the property from an almost literal disaster to a very attractive corner lot. You can use shrubs to cover the entire outskirts of the yard and to hide or prevent visibility. This can have a very ‘green effect’. In fact you can use very large hedges to block the view from the major street side. If there are bedrooms to the street side then you can use awnings to prevent street lights from entering the rooms at night. These can be very useful and cosmetic as well. Using stop short cutters is also a favorite in corner lot design. In the four corners most designers plant larger trees than the hedge to give the perception of an enclosed area. You can utilize many house plans but those for a corner lot actually provide so much more room to play with. In our opinion corner lots if the best cornet lot house plan is used is much more aesthetic than regular lots, however are definitely more costly to maintain.



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