Best Cities To Buy Real Estate


Atalanta Georgia

Atlanta is the capital of the state of Georgia and is in fact one of the most populated properties in the USA. With an average population of over five hundred thousand (500,000) residents called Atlantans enjoy great commercial and financial success due to a booming economy. This is why Atlanta is one of the best cities to buy real estate in the USA. The booming economic success created by regional commerce is the driving force behind rising real estate prices. This is why the city is one of the growing places to acquire real estate. The property has excellent racial relations where many of different races co exists together without many instances of racial tensions. This continues to drive up real estate prices at an increasing rate year over year. Possibly the most attractive factor is the continuous labor force expansion or increase in jobs in the Atlanta area. One of the most astounding facts is that the property prices are topping out as metropolitan growth is creating a scenario of over population. As migration outside the city begins prices will begin to fall. This is a major concern. The matter is exacerbated with the scheduled closing of the Ford Factory or General Motors plant that employs over 20,000 people. The job loss could trigger migration which would stall real estate prices for the time being. However as another company occupies the plant the reverse could trigger even another increase in real estate prices. During the 2008 period prices are expected to increase, this means that as population size is expected to increase, so is the average house prices from USD$170,000 to over USD$220,000 and the per capita income as well as from USD$35,000 to USD$45,000, this is due to industrialization. We agree up to December 2008 is a good time to buy real estate in Atlanta, Georgia. At the turn of 2009 we expect prices to rise again (all things remaining equal). Buying now might see a fall in prices towards the close of 2008 and an increase by mid 2009.

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